The Wall Family! This image was not in the original plan. As a matter of fact, we were through with the session, walking back to my truck. Buffy makes a comment that Mark started working on a fence by the hay bails, I said lets take a look. Turned out to be one of my favorites .

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Ms. Lucy from Halls!! my favorite image of the day!



I love my job!!! One of the favorite parts of my business is photographing High School Seniors. Why? It’s not like photographing a 2 yr old, where you may have only 2 seconds to get the shot, Ha. We are able to slow down a little, pay attention to details, sculpt the subject with natural or studio lights, and interact with young folks who are about to spread their wings and fly into the future of their life. We always have a great time and laugh until we cry. What a wonderful time in a persons life, and praise my Lord Jesus Christ, for allowing me to be a small part in making memories for them, that will last a life time!

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“EXPERIENCE THE DIFFERENCE” Senior photography at Phil Ramsey Photography



The beautiful Ms. Kent, High School senior from Halls. My favorite image of the day!



Ms. Joyner arrived in this world a couple months early, but my has she grown into this little bundle of energy and cuteness!!



This is Ms. Klenk! Such a cutie pie, full of personality ! Just finished her 4th session in our children program. We photograph every 3 to 4 months, for the first year of their lives. My how they change!



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