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When my schedule allows, I get a chance to do a few restorations. I just finished this one today. If you have one that you would like restored or copied just give me a call.



Attention Gentlemen. The weekend of June the 20th, we will be having a small gathering of men at Buffy Cooks church. Herb Hodges will be our speaker. Herb Hodges is 8o years old, has traveled out of the country over 200 times, teaching pastors, teachers and laymen the strategies of discipleship. Herb is the best expositor of the Word of God that I have ever heard. The first time I sat beside him and he opened the bible and began to teach, my mouth hit the table tears filled my eyes because of the teaching of the perfect Word of God. If you want to know God and his Word in a deeper way I would like to invite you to this gathering. There is no cost, just prepared to master what you learn so you can teach someone else. Be my special guest, send me a private message if you are interested. You can go to herbhodges.com and go to resources and look at a few of his videos . There is very limited room for the event. (about 40 men)

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR. JOE!! Friday we had the privilege to photograph the family of Mr. Joe Naifeh. He just turned 80 and had a big celebration at their house the next day. These images will be cherished for generations to come



reserve your water slide or bounce today before someone beats you to it! We have 2 new awesome slides!!! Kid Bounce Mania , contact Skylar Ramsey for more details 901-237-9959

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1. Genesis chapter three – An animal is sacrificed and its blood is shed for a person. 2. Exodus chapter twelve – An animal is sacrificed and its blood is shed for a family. 3. Exodus chapter thirty and Leviticus 16: 3-34 – An animal is sacrificed and its blood is shed for a nation. 4. John 1:29 – Jesus, the Lamb of God, is sacrificed, and His blood is shed for the world God’s perfect plan of Redemption……Friends you can’t make this up

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You reckon little Nora is loved? The beautiful Roberts Family..Always a joy to photograph them.

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