One of my favorites today. Ms Simmons from Brighton High.



my favorite image of the day…Ms. Hindman, Munford High Senior!!



I have been photographing the Stitt family for close to 20 years now. We have grown up together virtually, ha. One of the pluses to photographing the grandchildren is I do not have to work out on that day! They do not lack for energy.



Back in Black mini sessions was a tremendous success! We have had many people inquire about this after the fact, and was unaware that we did this. The only advertising was on Facebook and my blog. These sessions last no more than 20 minutes and you have at least 40 images to choose from. You will also get a copyright release. I would be willing to do a few more before it gets crazy around here this fall season. Just give us a call, 475-1117



Bailey Moss….senior at CHS, My favorite image of the day!



IM NOT GOING ANYWHERE! but I will be moving in the future. This is my awesome building that I have decided to sell. Actually I decided a couple of years ago but just decided to put it on the market. I am down sizing, why, because I really don’t need 4000 square feet. I only use about 1000sq feet every day. It is an awesome building, and really is laid out to be just about anything. It is priced well below market value! It would be an awesome buy for someone. If you are looking for an investment, I would be willing to lease back for 1 to 2 years. For more info call Jeff or Harold Morris.

ramsey building web


after the back in black session, Ms. Simpson had a few poses she wanted to do!



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