Your either Hot or Cold, what are you!

picture-2Fellow Christians are you hot or cold. The Word of God says there is no inbetween. November 4th is probably in my lifetime, the most important election ever. I think it would be awesome if an African American would when the presidency, but Obama isn’t the answer. Ask your self that old saying that was around a few years ago, WWJD. What would Jesus do, what do you think? What would be important to him. What’s important to him should be whats important to you. Even though the economy is important, I tend to believe that’s no where near the top of the list for Jesus. When I hear the name Jesus, the first word that pops in my head is LIFE! He is Life! He is Pro life! You guys that are for Obama tell me why as a Christian I should vote for him. Does he stand for Biblical principals, yes he wants to help the needy, I do to. I want to help those who truly need help, not those who refuse to work. The bible says you don’t work you don’t eat. I feel that most of the people that are voting for Obama, the economy and the war are the most important, that’s important to me also, but being a Christian, and striving to be sold out and like Jesus every day, I simply can’t do it. And the number one issue for me is Life. McCain is pro life and Obama is pro abortion. Don’t get me wrong McCain is no where near my first choice for president and I’m not real crazy about Palin, but I have no choice. Folks we can’t be Christians half way or just on Sundays, we have to be sold out, Jesus’s agenda should be our number one agenda. So my question to you is HWJV, how would Jesus vote, and that’s how we should also.


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  1. Amy B
    Nov 04, 2008 @ 03:17:42

    Thanks you so much for sharing this. Your words are my thoughts!
    As a Christian, I could not have voted for Obama. As you mentioned, McCain was not my 1st choice for president either, but the issues of abortion, gay marriage, and the possibility of a socialist nation (only to name a few) were far too important issues and weighed heavily on my heart. I feel that voting for Obama would have been a “slap in the face” to our Lord. As a Christian, the issues with the economy, gas prices etc. wer far to less important to me than standing for Jesus. If we stand for Him and trust in Him, he will always guide us and get us through the difficult times.
    Amy B


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