Kale Jackson Senior Brighton High

Kale is a High School senior from Brighton. A lot of you that keep up with high school football probably know him, he was the quarterback for Brighton. Kale as you can tell has a wonderful smile, as a matter of fact he was voted best smile in his class. His parent’s are Greg and Angie Jackson. Angie was there that day, and so was Kale’s little sister, Lakin. Angie wanted Kale to take a few with his little sister, I tell you it was the funniest thing. When Kale was by his self he had the million dollar smile, when little sis got in, it almost became the funkiest frown I ever seen. Parents who have siblings know what I mean. I have a 14year old boy and a 11year old girl. They love each other but can’t stand each other if you know what I mean. I know Kale loves his sis and probably would put the hurt on any young man who messed with her, Ha! Anyway, I guess you would have to be there, I couldn’t stop laughing at themj391j18b1j081j62j57


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