Kirk & Emily with their new addition, Ema

Kirk and Emily have been waiting a long time for this precious little girl. They have had her for several weeks now and she it adjusting just fine. I am worried about one thing though, the first thing Ema did to me is give me hi-five and say go Tigers! I’m sure she meant to say VOLS! Hopefully she will grow out of that. She was a little quiet for a few minutes, but after that it was on. She had so much energy and was full of different expressions. She’s got that look that photographers love, with those beautiful eyes, smiling or not, she photographs great! Emily’s mom has been coming in for several months keeping us updated on the adoption, and in the next several months we will be photographing Ema at several locations, one of them the zoo close to the Panda exhibit. She will be wearing a dress from her native home. Emily bought dresses for different ages for Ema. Stay tuned and watch sweet Ema Grow Up!!r49r25br59r29r13r12br86


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  1. Kirk and Emily RIchardson
    Jan 16, 2009 @ 15:10:45

    Phil We had a great time with you. Ema did much better than I gave her credit for. I wondered all day how you were going to catch her sweet smiles because she changes expressions so fast. I have not seen all of the pictures but I cannot wait. Thanks again for capturing such great moments. They will be pictures that we will cherish forever!

    Kirk and Emily Richardson


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