Tipton County Sheriff’s Dept. is Awesome!!

We went to film a deer hunt Sunday night, Aubrey was filming me and Lee Carver was filming Skylar. When Aubrey and I got to the stands, they were gone, including a $500 camera arm for the video camera. We followed the 4 wheeler tracks for a little over a mile. They ended up at a residence, we called the cops, they arrived and did some investigating, and put the pieces of the puzzle together. One hour later, we have all of our stuff and the suspect is gone to jail. I told the suspect before they took him that in my life I have done some things probably worse than this and that I forgave him for what he has done and that I wouldn’t press charges. When we left I gave a life lesson to my son. Their are consequences to your actions. You can be sorry all day long but you will have to pay for what you do, Yes Jesus will forgive you. If you jump off of a building, Jesus will forgive you, but, you will hit the ground.

I would like to thank the Tipton Co. Sheriffs Dept.  We have some top notch folks working there and we ought to be proud! Next time you see an officer be sure and tell them how much you appreciate them!


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  1. Anne Cash White
    Oct 22, 2009 @ 21:01:17


    What a great story (lesson) for your son. And you are right, we must all forgive even though it is hard sometimes. I always enjoy looking at your website. You are a very special person and the tributes to your Dad are so sweet. i wish you continued success and blessings for you and your sweet family.


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