Help us Decorate the newley remodeled Carl Perkin’s Center!!!

Recently, the Carl Perkin’s Center was completely remodeled, and it is Gorgeous!! There is only one thing missing, a beautiful portrait of your child. We want to fill the walls of the center with your images. When children enter the center, we want there to be an atmosphere of Joy, peace, laughter….etc.  This is where you come in. If I have photographed your children in the last 3 years or so, and there are some beautiful images, we would like to use them. We are not really looking for looking in the camera and smiling shots, but more emotional images. Here is the plus for you!!! I have partnered with my photo lab, they are going to give us a big discount on these images. You make  a donation of $100 to the center to cover the cost of printing, your image will decorate the new center for 3 years, after that, the beautiful gallery wrapped portrait is yours!!! This is not a fundraiser, our goal is to decorate the center with wonderful images of kids in this community and not cost the center nothing, please help us. If you would like to participate, please call me at 901-475-1117. The open house is in October, we would like to have everything in place mid September. Call now!


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