Country Girls and Boys!!

COUNTRY GIRLS!! Yo know down here in the South, we got some country girls!. At Phil Ramsey Photography, we came up with a mini session just for you and it comes with a special offer. This is a 30 minute session with 2 changes of clothes. You have a choice of 2 out of 3 looks. Barn, railroad tracks and old rusted truck. You will have a minimum of 30 images to choose from. The sitting fee is only $15, that’s right, you can’t go to Burger King for that! Boys you also are included in this special. Our schedule is packed, so we fit these sessions in after our evening sessions. These are limited because I do like to go home every once in a while, HA!! So who is a candidate for this session. If you are a senior, and book a regular session with us, we would do this anyway if you wanted it. If this style fits your personality and you want awesome images with a minimal investment, this is it. Usually people associate the name “Ramsey” with quality and unfortunately, high pricing. But you my friends are wrong. We are less expensive than the cheesy contract school photographer, wow, I couldn’t hardly believe it either. We had a senior the other day come in who had spent several hundred dollars on the school photographer, and for the dollar amount they spent they would have gotten more photographs and higher quality images, including outdoors. mmmmhhh, maybe I need to go up! ha.   So, the Country session is beautiful, quick (30min), and $15 fee. And one more Bonus! If you and a friend come together, you both get 8 FREE wallets each with your order!!


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