What sets us apart!

Just as a painter starts with a canvas, we start with a photograph. To create a beautiful portrait you have to have a foundation, nice composition, beautiful light….etc. and then you start to build your masterpiece. The first unretouched image may be exactley what our customer may want, but it is my job as a PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER is to educate my client of many options they could have. I created the final portrait for a display for my studio. This is Jimmy Naifeh and his beautiful Grandchildren. Jimmy’s children have been wanting to do this for a long time, and finally they were all here this past weekend. We took many photographs including his children that I will post in a few days. It takes a while to create a final portrait, you just don’t hit a filter button in photoshop, but for our customers we go the extra mile. We want you to look your best, because when you are happy and looking beautiful we know that you will tell all of your family and friends. It’s kinda funny, but a several weeks ago we took Sandra Naifeh’s family portrait. It had rained about an hour before the session so we really couldn’t get in the yard. We ended up doing a few locations inside and on her back porch. She loved the image but there were outdoor chairs and tables on the porch that drove her crazy. So we used our photoshop skills to remove them and recreate windows, move gutters and so on. She was so happy and she told all of her frnds. I feel like I need to send her a commission check! HA! But that just tells you, when you go the extra mile to make your clients happy and make them look their best, they will tell everyone.


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