In these hard times here are a couple of positive, and uplifting points. We are here, all of us, for a short time, no matter who you are. As a Christian, it’s not about our life here, though thats all our minds can wrap around. It’s about what comes after, never, never ending eternity! What we do here in our life here, and our acceptance of a free gift from God, Salvation, will determine where we will spend it. Kate has documented Lucy’s journey on their blog. Millions of people are being touched by her life. I am not exaggerating a bit. While talking to Kate one day she said she has around 20,000 people a day on her blog. One day she said something about a photo session she had with me on her blog and that day I had over 10,000 people hit my blog, wow. I thought it was messed up! Ha. And I am positive that there will be people we don’t even know around the world who will be in heaven as a result of Lucy’s Life. To God be the Glory!


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