You can do it!

good luck to those who are starting the challenge today!!! From the people that have started the challenge under me, the average weight loss the first 10 days is 9 pounds. The average for the 3 weeks is guys 17 pounds, girls 13 pounds. Some do more, The most for a guy is 26 pounds and a girl is 15 pounds. But it’s really up to you. Anytime you incorporate some exercise it will increase your weight loss. You will have the energy, so why not!!! You can get a discount starting today while supplies last. Go When you order I will contact you with email or phone if you like and give you some tips to make this a very successful adventure. My beautiful wife is about to start her challenge with many friends, and that helps because you can hold each other accountable and give each other tips on what is working. My motivation to start the challenge was my family, Cendi needs her husband and my sweet babies need their Daddy to be her for a while. So have fun and feel free to call or message me, its gonna be a great and SKINNY year!!!!


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