Life eternal

It’s not God’s will that no one should perish. One day, we will, it could be today for some, and it will be today for some. Some of those folks think they will live forever. Not having Jesus in your heart, not being born again means when your heart stops beating , means eternal death, and Im not going into the details of how terrible that will be. And heres the deal….it’s for an eternity, never ending death. But the good news, God has come to give you life, life eternal, never ending. Its the most important decision in the world that you can make! He is Real…and he is coming….in my opinion, very soon. Confess him today. Jesus said confess me and i will confess you. Deny me, and i will deny you. Ask him in your heart and life today. Feel free to call me or send me a message, i would love to share the savior with you!!!!


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