The more I learn about my Savior, the more I realize i must decrease and He must increase. I am just a very, very, very small part of the picture. God loved his Son so much he gave him a love gift, a bride. That gift is those whole truly believe and follow him. I am saved by His Grace, and Grace alone. My life is to Glorify him and to be obedient to his wonder commands. One day when i stand before God the father, he will give me crowns based on what I did with His commission. Are those crowns for me? No! I will then take those crowns and lay them at the feet of Jesus, and I then will say just like the angels, HOLY, Holy, Holy are you! So, everything is about Him. When you hear people say YOU, You, You. My advice is to run, run, run. When we draw attention to ourselves instead of Jesus, we are walking on dangerous ground. He is Worthy of all the Glory and Praise!! He is a jealous God. So when it comes to a church service our your life as a follower, everything must point to the Savior!

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