If your spiritual influences are preaching on the topic of “YOU” and what you deserve and what you need to have in this world…my advise is to run from that teaching. Yes it tickles the ears and who doesn’t want to be wealthy, healthy and every thing under the sun. The Bible is very clear. Deny your selves, pick up your cross and follow me. In other words, pick up your electric chair and follow me. Be willing to die for your Lord. Its not a fun road, you will be persecuted, you will not be liked by most people, they will reject your message and you, you will not be popular, you will suffer. But in saying that…Jesus said, they did this to me and they will do it to you…..when they do…its a good thing, you are on the right road. If you lose your life now it will be saved in the end but if YOU save your life now you will lose in the end. By us dyeing to ourselves and our flesh and what we think we deserve, we truly begin to live the life Christ has for us, and that my friends is a good thing. Thats totally opposite of what 8 out of 10 popular preachers are saying on tv. Beware, they are wolves in sheep’s clothing. If you were walking with Jesus and his Disciples while he was do his ministry. You could look at Judas and say…I really like that guy, he is close to Jesus, I want to be like him. And my friends he was a false prophet. The outer appearance looked appealing, but the heart was evil.


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