Here are a few images from the Discipleship retreat in Linden. The man on the left is Herb Hodges. Herb has discipled men literally all over the world.The thing that sticks most to me about this weekend is….The Word of God. The Word of God, every Word is inspired by the Spirit of God. Every Word is strategically placed and they have meaning. When you take those words out of context you can make them say anything you want to. And that my friends is why there are over 30,000 denominations. Gold is found under the surface and so many treasures of the Word of God lay beneath the surface. The Lord expects us to dig deeper and not skim across the top. When you take time to dig the Lord reveals himself to you…..and my friends you will never be the same. If we do not Heed to the word those trues can harden in our hearts! We are held responsible for the trues he has revealed to us. Our life is not Doing…its Being. Know who you are in him and letting him live through you to accomplish his will on Earth. God Saves his children for a Purpose!!!




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