he children of God are eternally secure, but lack of knowledge can bring things into your life that doesn’t belong. Things that are destructive. So search the scriptures, Many of the true treasures in the Word are found right below the surface. So take time, don’t worry so much about the quantity of what you read, but stop and study the wonderful gold in God’s word. Words have meaning and sometimes its not what you think if you rush over them. There are many help tools out there, that will translate accurately from the original language . Also the tense of the verbs and the voice that it was spoken in absolutely means everything, but if you don’t know what the tense is, you can totally miss the meaning of the text! How do I know that, because i am a prime example. For years I have taken verses out of the Bible and stood on a mountain top and shouted them. What I was saying was totally wrong in many instances. My lack of knowledge of the scriptures is evident to me now. Of course I have asked the Lord to forgive me for that! Always check what I say and anyone else who proclaimes the Word with the Holy Scriptures.

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