somewhat lost in translation

“somewhat lost in translation” Check this OUT!
In the Bible when you see the words Bond servant or servant pertaining to believers, those words are a translation of the word slave, in the original greek the word is “Doulos” Let me show you how we can get a somewhat wrong meaning from the translation. If I said “I will serve you” that gives me a picture, a picture of me doing what ever i want and feel to serve you. Now if I said “I am your Slave” that kinda changes the view off of me onto the Master. So lets look at the biblical context of a Master and slave relationship. 1 The master chooses the slave( we are a chosen people)
2 The master purchases the slave (we are bought by his blood)
3 The slave exist to do the will of the Master,
Anywhere in the Bible you can insert the world “Slave” where is says bondservant or servant..example Rev. 1 ….He made it known by sending His angel to his slave (servant) John.
So you say…where is the freedom. Let me remind you, if you are lost, you are a slave to sin, in bondage, broken, and one day as a prisonor you will be executed for your sin. Now the master, unlocks your chains, by His Grace through faith…and now you are truly FREE! Free to live, and no more condemnation.
Abe Lincoln bought a slave girl, after he purchased her, he told her she was free! She said, free, you mean I can go anywhere i want to, Abe said yes, anywhere, you are free…..The Girl then said…I will stay right here! That is a beautiful picture of the God I Serve. Your Free
This Master makes you a Joint heir of All He Possess!
This Master lets you set on his Throne and reign with Him Forever!Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 11.16.50 AM


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