my favorite image of the day!! The Baddours

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Please share with all your friends. Redemption Outdoors tv will start August 6th at 8:30 pm on Channel 14 dish and direct. It also comes on comcast and channel 23.1 with digital antenna. This is my intro

This little angel is full of personality…….Ms LeBlanc. My Favorite image of the Day!

leBlanc web


The Daniels with their Grandbabies at the homestead



How can you tell a True Believer….they are no longer a slave to sin but a slave to righteousness . Consumed with the love of Christ , consumed with the hunger for the Word of God, longing to be Holy an righteous, longing to be humble and broken, desire to be obedient from the heart, longing to worship. These are evidences of a transformed life. Do you find your self more devoted to Church or a people and sometimes a program or a ministry verses the Word of God. I do realize growing in the knowledge of God isn’t over night but like Paul says, we must check ourselves .

t’s Official!! Redemption Outdoors tv will air on the first Wednesday night in August. Our priority with the program is Sharing the Word of God with the viewing audience. We will share the Gospel every week, plus have great outdoor action and music that will bless your soul! You can view the program on dish, direct and comcast channel 14. Plus on a digital signal 23.1 We need one more sponsor to cover airtime. You can be an individual or a business. You can advertise your business for one whole month cheaper than advertising in the paper for 1 week. This program is not to make money, but to share the Gospel…..Thats it! Just send me a message if interested.



my favorite image of the day!! The Gordon Family. They have been good to me over the years. Its an honor to photograph their beautiful family.

gordon web


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